Reward Chart


We want to reward our children for helping around the home and for developing the skills to care for themselves.  In a big family, systems and routine are necessary to keep home running smoothly.  The fact that my home doesn’t run smoothly points a big finger at me, namely my extreme dislike of maintaining systems.  So, I put my thinking cap on and came up with a system the children can manage – all on their own.  Hooray!


Here’s how the reward chart works.  My children can earn 5 stars a day by completing tasks around the home.  5 stars in one day earns you a point – and 5 points in a week earns you a prize from the prize bag.  Because we do expect a lot of our older children, the prizes are things they think are super cool like DVDs, colouring books, picture books, small Star Wars lego sets etc.  Basically if we’re out shopping and we see something they’d like, it goes in the prize bag and it can be earned.


Reward Charts

Here’s how I made them.

My inspiration came from a key holder I saw in the craft section at Bunnings.  A bit of paint, and some fabric stuck down (with watered down PVA glue – as good as Mod Podge) makes it pretty.


Next I drew a picture of the tasks I’d like my children to do for me. I really tried to find what I wanted online, but the images weren’t exactly what I wanted.  I’m not the best at drawing, but these are good enough for me.



I cut them up and glued them to cardstock.  One side has the task, the other has a star.  I laminated them, punched a hole in them and attached a key ring.




Here’s a box full of different tasks.  Mostly it’s tidying different areas of the house.  The areas they use and mess up!




So, the idea is that they pick out tasks (or I can always assign some to them) and once they complete them, they turn the task to the star side.  I can check up to see what they have done by flipping the tag over.   The reward chart is self-completing, and I’m not the “self” completing it any more!  Phew!




Note: Special tags

I have created 2 special tags for the children.  One is a morning routine and the other is our afternoon routine.  To earn a star for those, there are a series of tasks to do.  These are all visually represented, and attached to a single key ring.  They can flip through the pictures to stay on track.  Morning jobs include: breakfast, make bed, get dressed, brush teeth, brush hair, pack school bag.  Afternoon jobs include: School bag away, lunchbox on kitchen bench, uniform away, put on play clothes, homework.

This morning the girl’s morning jobs were done in record timing.  They were outside playing in the rock pit at 7:20am.  Certainly record timing for getting ready!

Now to find a place to put them up!


What kind of reward, chore or job chart do you use?  How does it work?





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  1. this would be excellent to keep track and motivate yourself for exercise, you could ave one per day (run, sit-ups, yoga, cycling etc).

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