Happy New Year


I’m one of those people who see life as a journey.  The last seven years have been pretty rough terrain for my family.  We chose to leave the smooth freeway of life to pave our way forward with our own business – and failed.  We’ve welcome 4 precious little ones into the world (we had 4 under 6 years at one stage).  We’ve scrimped and saved so that I could remain home with my children and not go back to work.  We’ve lived a life that seems completely out of step with the world around us.   There’s been heart ache in that, but also great joy.  I feel like I’ve been smashed into a million pieces and then slowly reformed.  When I reflect over the past years I can honestly say that the fiery challenges have forged me into someone who is more resilient,  patient, loving, and who has a greater capacity to endure than ever before.

This New Year marks a new phase of the journey for my family.  We move beyond the survival years of babyhood and away from the instability of contract work.  With full time employment secured and our last baby fast becoming a toddler, I can see 2013 as a year to thrive.  I want to grow well – spiritually, emotionally and physically.  This year I am challenging myself to grow in my relationship with God, to be able to engage at a deeper level emotionally with those I love, and to strengthen my post-baby body and improve my overall health.

My word for the year is THRIVE.

Do you have a word for the year?  Or specific goals you hope to achieve?  I’d love to hear about it.

Happy New Year!



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