“The Gravy House” is the name of our home, assigned by our eldest daughter at 3 years of age.  We never actually got to the bottom of why the house needed to be named so, and at best could only make educated guesses (possibly because of the grey roof?)  This is sort of a mirror into my world and the ramblings of this blog.   I spend most of my time asking questions about how to live the life that Jesus actually calls his followers to live.   I think I ask the wrong questions, or maybe the wrong people.  I feel a bit like I did asking my daughter for the reason behind naming our home “The Gravy House.”  I’m living a life of educated guesses, trying to follow my heart while not abandoning my brain.  Come on the journey with me.  Maybe you can help me make sense of the space where chaos meets order.

Come in, you’re always welcome at The Gravy House.



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